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Planning for the future

Protect and enhance your financial future

Meeting the needs of investors with a wide range of aspirations and attitudes requires a flexible product range. Our response to this challenge is to focus resources on delivering and supporting powerful and adaptable wealth management products that can successfully meet clients’ diverse needs. Vision, our regular premium product, and Choice, our single premium investment solution, have been designed with clarity, simplicity, flexibility and ease of use in mind.

Both offerings are administered by Generali International, a subsidiary of the Generali Group who has many years experience in the design and management of investment products on a global basis. This expertise ensures that Vision and Choice benefit from a first class administration service, providing clients with an extensive and responsive range of supports that enable them to manage their investments efficiently and effectively.

Vision – for financial peace of mind

When you take the time to contemplate your future, what do you see? A comfortable and fulfilling retirement, your children enjoying the best education that money can buy, or simply the satisfaction of knowing that your financial future is secure? 

Whatever you plan for your future, you will need financial resources available at the right time to be able to achieve the things you want. Vision is a regular premium investment solution that is designed to meet your changing needs throughout your life. 

A range of flexible options allows you to amend your plan should the need arise. An extensive range of investment options from the world’s leading fund houses allows you to design an investment portfolio to meet your specific needs. And, real value is a hallmark of Vision, with a range of benefits to reward you, including loyalty bonuses for consistent savers as well as increased allocation rates for larger investors.

So, if you are interested in building a brighter future for you and your family, look no further than Vision.


Choice – for those with financial foresight 

There will be occasions in life when you have money available that you do not need for day-to-day commitments and it is always tempting to spend your cash on the things you enjoy. At these times, individuals with foresight make choices that help them take a positive step towards future financial independence. Choice is a single premium investment solution, designed to help the discerning investor who decides to take that step.

Through Choice, you can access the potential of the world’s financial markets selecting investment options from our extensive offering that suit your individual requirements and attitude to risk. Inevitably, your circumstances will constantly change throughout your life and Choice can readily adapt to reflect your changing needs with a range of flexible options that provide you with access to your investments and the ability to change them when you need to.

If you have financial foresight and are seeking future financial independence, Choice is an ideal solution that can help.



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