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IP Address

An identifier for the user’s computer assigned by the Internet service provider. The IP address alone is not considered personal data because it is often assigned at random, i.e. it ch

Internet Tags

Computer functions made up by smaller cookie strings, mainly used to record technical information such as user IP and browser type. They are also called invisible GIFs, clear GIFs, 1-by-1 GIFs or single-pixel GIFs

Navigation information

Files residing on the provider servers, also called log files, clickstream data, server logs; they may automatically register data relating to a connection for different purposes:

  • accounting-administrative functions
  • tracking of type of user access (e.g.: system administration, type of browser, date and time of visit, images or texts selected, purchases (if any), file download, screen set-up, etc.) also to improve the contents of the site.
Mailing list
  • A list used for sending e-mails and/or newsletters
  • A list of addresses which automatically receives forwarded messages

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